The Convergent Capital Group was launched by international securities attorney and investment banker Michael Stegawski in 2008. Convergent Advisory Services, P.A. was initially formed as a law firm to serve larger privately-held and smaller publicly-traded companies in their reporting, disclosure, and shareholder issues. In 2010, due to the increased demand for defense work in connection with securities fraud and complex commercial litigation, our exclusive litigation division was formed and Convergent Litigation Associates, LLC began. Since inception, Convergent Litigation Associates has expanded its footprint across the nation and has taken lead roles in the defense of securities fraud, shareholder disputes and derivative litigation, and a variety of complex commercial litigation.

In 2011, our affiliated securities broker-dealer was approved for operations in the private placement of securities and mergers and acquisitions. In 2012, Convergent Securities entered into a joint venture with one of the first registered alternative trading systems for the development of fully-automated securities matching system for primary and secondary offerings of private company securities.

In 2014, the focus was extended beyond brokerage transactions and, while our affiliated brokerage firm was dissolved, an application for an exemption from registration as a national securities exchange was made. The proposal for Automated Matching Systems Exchange, a self-regulatory organization for automated matching and trading systems, was prepared and is currently awaiting regulatory approval before the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Convergent Private Equity Partners is the most recent addition and a response to the market’s demand for business development partners rather than commissioned-based brokers or hourly professionals.